Clarity creates courage

We’re an independent research, insights, strategy and innovation firm. We work with you to uncover insights that create clarity. Insights that give you the confidence to make the right decisions.

What we do

We help you better understand where you are and give you a clear view of what’s needed to reach where you want to be.

Research & Insights

We recognise that no two problems are the same. Finding the right solution often requires a unique approach. We’ve built our reputation by providing bespoke solutions developed specifically to address our clients’ challenges. Whether it be segmentation, pricing, value proposition or ad testing, we have the expertise to help you make the right decision.

Along the way we have embraced our innovative nature and developed some unique approaches designed to get to the very heart of your needs.

Lewers QuickQual

Our syndicated approach helps you understand what Australians are thinking – and how they’re feeling – about the things that really matter to you.

Lewers SignifEye

We analyse your online brand collateral to decode pictures and words. Helping you tell better stories and make the right decisions.

Lewers FinTrack

Using unique, consumer-driven transaction data, our technology enables companies to validate and understand consumer spending patterns – swiftly and accurately.

Lewers PurplePatch

With close to 10,000 members, our proprietary panel enables us to quickly understand how people think and feel.

Strategy & Innovation

Brands matter – and never more so than today.

In the escalating din of global choice and competition, brands are the most effective way of cutting through the clutter to reach people’s hearts and minds.

Whether its brand renovation or innovation, we work with you to build your brand: in a way that drives relevance, credibility, distinction, and engagement amongst your consumers.

Lewers BrandPrint

Our brand positioning tool helps you create a distinctive, desirable and engaging position in the mind of your consumer.

Lewers NameIt

The connection between name and brand is critical. Our naming experience helps you cut through – and stand out from – the competition.

Lewers ShortCut

We use visual metaphors to shortcut the path from brand strategy to a new visual identity. Making it easier to create a new brand strategy.

Lewers InnoPath

We hardwire human need to market opportunity. To help you create new ideas to move your organisation forward.

Lewers MasterBrand

Whether it’s a ‘branded house’ or a ‘house of brands’, you need a clear way for consumers to navigate your company’s various offers.

Lewers BrandEx

We work with you to identify the points in the customer journey at which you can disproportionately amplify your brand – and build the strongest connections.

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